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Product Name:Rutabagas Size/Weight:50 lb
Ideal Storage Temperature. 32-34F / 0-2C Rutabaga is a cool season Swedish variety of American origin, a long-time standard for home and market use. The rutabaga produces purple-topped, globular roots with pale yellow, fine-grained skin and flesh. Generally harvested when it is at least four inches in diameter, the rutabaga's creamy, yellow flesh is crisp and peppery-sweet when raw and soft and sweet when cooked properly.Like other root vegetables, rutabaga has a natural sweetness that is enhanced by cooking. Diced rutabaga and slowly saute with apples and onions until caramelized. Toss thinly sliced rutabaga with soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and garlic then serve fresh as a side dish. Boil diced rutabaga and toss with herbed vinaigrette and Israeli couscous for a side dish. Steam or boil diced rutabaga until soft, them mash with cooked carrots and flavor with minced lemongrass. Rutabaga will keep in cool, dark storage for months