Our Mission

Through innovative marketing and distribution Sunfresh Farms supplies our customers with healthy and delicious fresh fruits and vegetables throughout Western Canada. Our goal is that the success of our customers will in turn drive success at Sunfresh, high returns for our farmers, and above all will benefit the local community.


Healthier Eating

At Sunfresh Farms we understand the importance of a healthy community. One step towards creating a healthier Canadian population is by making high quality healthy food readily available to the public. Canada’s Food Guide suggests 5-10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day while limiting your salt and sugar intake; additionally fruit and vegetables have numerous vitamins and minerals that play key roles in keeping our minds and bodies healthy.

A balanced diet filled with fruit and veget

ables has several benefits including:

  • Increases the amount of energy you have all day long
  • Helps you maintain a healthy body weight
  • Build strong muscles for sports and other activities
  • Achieve a better sleep at night so you are more rested
  • Helps you avoid high blood pressure or high cholesterol
  • Controls your mood and keeps your emotions in check
  • Helps create healthy eating habits for life



The Environment

Sunfresh Farms believes in maintaining a healthy planet to continue to provide a peak growing environment for fruit and vegetables. Ultimately our products come from the earth we live in, and at Sunfresh Farms we take our responsibly to keep the earth healthy and clean very seriously. To that end Sunfresh Farms works hard to build in efficiencies whenever possible to constantly improve our business processes while staying as environmentally aware as possible.