Our Products

Ambrosia Xfancy 88 count40 lb
Braeburn 88 count40 lb
Fuji Apples Xfancy 100 count40 lb
Fuji Xfancy 88 count40 LB
Gala bagged12x 3 lb
Gala Xfancy 100-113 count40 lb
Gala Xfancy 80-88 count40 lb
Golden Delicious 100 count40 lb
Golden Delicious 125 count40 lb
Golden Delicious Xfancy 64 count40 lb
Golden Delicious Xfancy 88 count40 lb
Granny Smith Xfancy 100 count40 lb
Granny Smith Xfancy 80-88 count40 lb
Honeycrisp 64-72 count40 lb
Jonagold Xfancy 100 count40 lb
Jonagold Xfancy 88 count40 lb
Macintosh 88 count40 lb
McIntosh10 lbs bag
Red Delicious Xfancy 100-113 count40 lb
Red Delicious Xfancy 88 count40 lb
Royal Gala10lb bag
Sweeties Xfancy 88 count40 lb
Apricots Volume Filled 60 count25 lb
Banana5 lb
Banana10 lb
Banana (stage required)40 lb
Bananas Ungassed40 lb
Blueberries12/1 Pint
Blueberries4 / 2 lb
Cantaloupe15 count
Cantaloupe12 count
Grapefruit Ruby Red Choice 56 count40 lb
Black Seedless18 lb
Green Grapes Seedless18 lb
Italia19 kb
Red Globe grapes18 lb
Red Grape Seedless18 lb
Honeydew Melon8 count
Honeydew Melon6 count
Kiwi Fruit volume filled42 count
Nectarines Volume Filled 60 count25 lb
Nectarines White Volume Fill 60 count25 lb
Chinese Mandarin5 lb
Minneola Fancy 150 Count40 lb
Navel Orange Choice 113 count40 lb
Navel Orange Fancy 88 Count40 lb
Navel Orange South African Fancy 72 Count33 lb
Navel Oranges10lb bag
Navel Oranges Choice 88 count40 lb
Orange Navel Choice 56 count40 lb
Valencia Orange 113 count40 lb
Valencia Orange Choice 88 count40 lb
Valencia Orange Fancy 88 Count40 lb
Peaches Volume Filled 60 count18 lb
D\'anjou Xfancy 90 count40 lb
Pear Bartlett 90 count40 lbs
Persimmons Fuyu (flat) # 1 grade25 lb
Pineapple Gold7 count
Plums Black Volume Filled 60 count25 lb
Red Plums Volume Filled 60 count25 lb
Pomegranates 16 count24 lb (2 layer)
Strawberries Clam Shell8/1 lb
Watermelon 5 count65 lb
Watermelon Singles1 count
Asparagus11 lbs
Beets10 lb
Beets25 lb
Broccoli14 ct
Broccoli18 ct
Broccoli Crowns (USA)20 lb
Broccoli Crowns Iceless20 lb
Bok Choy30 lb
Cabbage Green Shredded5 lb
Green Cabbage10 lb
Green Cabbage50 lb ctn
Green Cabbage50 lb bag
Green Cabbage (USA)50 lb
Red Cabbage10 lb
Red Cabbage50 lb
Red Cabbage (USA)50 lb
Savoy10 lb
Savoy40 lb
Suey Choy30 lb
Carrots (CAN)24 x 2 lb
Carrots (CAN)16 x 3 lb
Carrots (CAN)10 x 5 lb
Carrots (USA)24 x 2 lb
Carrots (USA)16 x 3 lb
Carrots (USA)10 x 5 lb
Carrots Jumbo10 lb
Carrots Jumbo50 lb
Carrots Jumbo (USA)50 lb
Carrots Peeled (USA)15 x 2 lb
Carrots Peeled (USA)30 x 1 lb
Carrots Shredded5 lb
Cauliflower 12's12 ct
Cauliflower 9's9 ct
Celery5 lb
Celery (US)24's
Celery (US)30's
Celery Hearts12 ct
Yellow/Bicolor Corn48 count
Long English3 count
Long English4 count
Long English6 count
Long English12 count
Mini Cucumber20 lb bulk
Mini Cucumber Tray8 count
Mini Cucumbers8 x 14 oz (396 g)
Mini Cucumbers8 x 2 lb (907 g)
Mini Cucumbers tray6 count
slicer (field) Cucumber24 count
Eggplant24 count case
Bulk Garlic10 kg (22 lb)
Sleeved Garlic50 - 3 count
Ginger Root
Ginger Root30 lb
Hard Squash
Acorn Squash40 lb carton
Banana Squash40 lb carton
Butternut Squash40 lb carton
Kabocha40 lb carton
Spaghetti Squash40 lb carton
Cilantro60 count
Italian (flat) Parsley60 Count
Parlsey (Curly)60 count
Green Kale24 ea
Kohlrabi24 count case
Lettuce Cello30 count
Lettuce cello Wrapped24 count
Lettuce Green Leaf24 count
Lettuce Red Leaf24 Count
Green Onions (Canadian)48 count (small - medium)
Green Onions (Iceless)4x2 lb
Green Onions (USA,Mexico)48 count small
Green Onions Iceless24 x 5.5 oz
Onion Yellow Medium16 x 3 lb
Onion Yellow Medium5x10 lb
Onions Green Chopped5 lb
Onions Jumbo10 lb
Onions Jumbo U.S.A.50 lb bag
Onions Yellow Medium.25 lb
Red Onion25 lb bag
Shallots12 / 3 oz ((84g)
Sweet Onions (jumbo)40 lb carton
White Onions (jumbo)50 lb bag
Yellow Onions Medium50 lb bag
Parsnips12 x 1 lb
Parsnips20 lbs
Assorted Hot House Peppers5 x 2lb case
Assorted Hot House Peppers6 x 2 lb case
Green Peppers5 lb
Green Peppers Choice/Chopper25 lb case
Green Peppers Large25 lb case
Green Peppers Medium25 lb case
Mixed Peppers, sliced2 lb or 3 lb bags available
Orange Peppers Hot House11 lb case
Red Pepper Hot House10 x 3 lb case
Red Peppers Choice/Chopper25 lb case
Red Peppers Hot House11 lb case
Stoplight/Tricolor Peppers10 x 3 count
Yellow Pepper Hot House11 lb case
Kennebec Potato50 lb carton
Red Baby Potato12 x 2 lb Tray Pack
Red Potato50 lb carton
Red Potato20 lb poly bag
Red Potato Bin200/10 lb Bin
Red Potato Bin100/20 lb
Red Potato Canadian10/5 lb poly bag
Red Potato Canadian5/10 lb poly bag
Russet Potato Bin100/20 lb Bin
Russet Potato Bin (Canadian)200/10 lb Bin
Russet Potato Canadian5/10 lb poly bag
Russet Potato Canadian20 lb poly bag
Russet Potato U.S.A.10/5 lb poly bag
Russet Potato U.S.A. 40 Count (Jumbo)50 lb carton
Russet Potato U.S.A. 100 Count50 lb carton
Russet Potato U.S.A. 70 Count50 lb carton
Russet Potatoes U.S.A.5/10 lb Poly Bag
Yellow Baby Potato12 x 2 lb Tray Pack
Yellow Baby Potato12 x 2 lb Tray Pack
Yellow Potato Bin200/10 lb Bin
Romaine Hearts12 x 3 count
Romaine Lettuce24 count
Romaine Lettuce4 x 6 count
Romaine Lettuce Canadian24 Count
Rutabaga Sticks 4"5 lb
Rutabagas10 lb
Rutabagas50 lb
Spinach Bunch24's
Spinach Chopped3 x 3 lb
Sweet Potato
Jumbo Sweet Potato40 lb carton
Medium Sweet Potato40 lb carton
Cherry Tomato12/1 pint case
Coctail Tomatoes11 lb carton
Grape Tomatoes12/1 pint
Orange TOV's Tomatoes11 lb case
Tomatoes 5x518 lb carton
Tomatoes 5x625 lb case
Tomatoes 6x625 lb case
Tomatoes Hot House Tray15 lb case
Tomatoes Roma25 lb case
Tomatoes Roma TOV's15 lb case
Tomatoes TOV's (tomato on the vine)11 lb carton
Tomatoes TOV's YELLOW (tomato on the vine)11 lb case
Purple Top Turnip25 lb
Purple Top Turnips25 lb
Jumbo Yams40 lb case
Medium Yam40 lb case
Zucchini/Soft Squash
Cousa (Mexican Gray) squash20 lb
Zucchini Green Squash25 lb carton
Broccoli Florets4 x 3 lb
Cabbage Green Diced5 lb
Cabbage Red Shredded5 lb
Carrot Sticks 45 lb
Carrots Peeled20 lb
Carrots Peeled25 lb
Carrots Shredded5 lb
Cauliflower Florets2 x 3 lb
Celery Diced 3/8"5 lb
Cilantro chopped2 x 2 lb
Ginger Minced (Puree)5 lb
Onion Red Diced 3/8"5 lb
Onion Red Sliced5 lb
Onion White Diced 3/8's5 lb
Onions Diced 3/85 lb
Onions Diced 3/8"20 lb bag
Onions Jumbo peeled20 lb carton
Onions Jumbo Peeled25 lb carton
Onions Red Peeled20 lb carton
Onions Red Peeled5 lb carton
Onions Sliced5 lb
Peppers Green Diced 3/8"5 lb
Peppers Red Diced 3/8"5 lb
Parisienne Potato20 lb carton
Potato Peeled Yellow (Water-Pack)25 lb pail
Potatoes Peeled (contain Sodium Meta-Bisulphite)30 lb carton
Potatoes Peeled (contain Sodium Meta-Bisulphite)25 lb carton
Potatoes Peeled (contains Sodium Meta-Bisulphite)20 lb carton
Potatoes Peeled - Water Pack25 lb pail
Stew Mix
Stew Mix ( Parsnips/Rutabaga/Butternut sq./Yam)10 lb
Tomatoes sliced 1/4"5 lb (approximately 110 slices)