Local Economy

Vegetables that have been grown locally are usually sold within a day of being picked. That means these local vegetables get to your kitchen much faster than imported  vegetables. As a result, the less time it takes for vegetables to travel the fresher the produce will be, the fresher the food the longer shelf life it will have and ultimately the more delicious it will taste!


Local EconomyAlberta farms are passed on through generations and usually stay in one family for years. Buying produce that comes from a local farm generates income, jobs to the local economy that provide years of benefits.  Buying locally helps keep unemployment low, property values increasing and local economies independent and strong. When people buy from local farms, farmers are able to invest in more research and development for their farms and processes to continue to deliver a high quality, sustainable product. New crops will be developed, new farm equipment will be purchased and more land will be used for harvest. The end result of this continued development of local farms will be healthy and happy communities and a stronger Alberta.