Our state of the art processing machinery allows for quick, efficient and sanity processing of the following foods:



Our state of the art carrot peeling machinery allows for efficient production and minimal manual labor. The carrot is put through a automatic peeler that quickly and efficiently removes the outside carrot layer.The peeled carrot is then  guided through to a top and tailer that trims off the carrot ends. The carrots are then inspected for peeling quality, sizing and then sent down the line for sanitiztion and packaging.




Our stainless steel machinery cuts the lettuce, washes it, and cools it down to the desired temperature. High power driers spin the lettuce until it is ready to be packed and vacuum sealed.




Our semi-automatic machinery cut off the top and tail end of the onions then strategicaly placed razors slit the peel, a high velocity blower sheds the outer layers away revealing a perfectly whole peeled onion. The peeled onions are then sanitized and transferred to our dicing and slicing machine.



Broccoli and Cauliflower

Semi-automatic machinery allows for quick production time, minimal labour and less waste. The machine removes the florets from the stalk of the vegetable. The florets are then sized,sanitized and inspected .



Peeled Potato

The potatoes pass through abrasive rollers that scuff and remove a majority of the potato skin layer, then hunreds upon hundreds of stainless steel blades gives that homemade appearance of being cut by hand. The potatoes are then inspected, washed, treated, packaged and then stored awaiting shipment to another satisfied customer.